Growing Connections Counseling, LLC

Therapy for those who are feeling overwhelmed and searching for deep healing from depression, anxiety, trauma, or difficult life circumstances. All are welcome. Your identity is important and valued.

Supervised by Robin Craycroft, MS, LPC. MO/2016037707

If you are struggling, you may want a safe and supportive space to work through your emotions. These feelings can be overwhelming and messy. You do not have to untangle them alone.

I’m Gail Herbert, MS, PLPC. I am a therapist who works with teens and adults, in person and online, who are wanting deep healing. I use traditional talk therapy, as well as sand tray therapy, movement, and somatic methods. Looking into therapy is a brave step. It can be difficult to find a good connection. You are worth the effort. Questions? Contact me at 417-501-5262 or

Along with individual, couples, and family therapy, I offer free mental health speaking engagements for the community. I will work with you to create a program that is useful for your purpose.

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